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  • Gregory P. Stringer

    Gregory P. Stringer

    Teacher of Immersive Latin

  • Al Duncan

    Al Duncan

    Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Rebecca Futo Kennedy

    Rebecca Futo Kennedy

    Classicist, Ancient Historian, Critical Lover of the Classical Past. Blog: https://rfkclassics.blogspot.com/ ; Twitter: @kataplexis

  • Deborah Lyons

    Deborah Lyons

  • Rosa


  • William Tortorelli

    William Tortorelli

  • Johanna Hanink

    Johanna Hanink

    Greece this, Greece that johannahanink.com

  • Flint Dibble

    Flint Dibble

    Archaeologist in Greece. I write & tweet (@FlintDibble) about archaeology, history, food, climate, and animals. I sometimes eat for science.

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